Sunday, May 17, 2015

Catching Up ...... The Rhein

A very active schedule and weak internet has me way behind.  So I am going to catch up via photos ...
 On Thursday we did a day of hiking on the Rheinsteig Trail.  The day included a train ride, a ferry ride and a cable car.  The photo is the Neiderwald Denkmal that celebrates the birth of Germany as a modern nation state in 1871.  The day included beautiful weather and a unexpected picnic lunch when we found our usual lunch place no longer open. 

 On Friday we hiked into the hills around Bacharach and met Cecilia Jost, the owner of Weingut Toni Jost and she shared her passion with us related to the growing, making and marketing of her wines.  We toured her vineyards on the slopes above the Rhein and finished at her facility in the Bacharach city center.
Our hotel was the Bacharacher Hof in Bacharach.  Our hosts, Dirk & Ellen Scherschlicht could not have treated us any better.  We had a fantastic Rhein Specialties dinner on Wednesday and were treated to their hospitality and enthusiasm for our entire stay.


  1. thanks for the sharing of your blogs!!

  2. thanks for the sharing of your blogs!!