Thursday, May 7, 2015

Volkswagen & the AutoStadt

We made it to Wolfsburg to visit VW and the Autostadt.  This was accomplished by chartering a bus since the Deutsche Bahn (German Rail company) is on strike.  We were a little late but all worked out as we went to the Autostadt first and explored their beautiful grounds, visted the 12 VW brands, and took a ride to the top of the Autoturm, or car tower where they store cars to be picked up by customers. 

Then it was over to the VW production facility for a great marketing strategy and branding lecture by Dr. Stefan Hoernemann from the VW Group Strategic Marketing group.  This was followed by a 90 minute tour of the production facility.  The facility turns out about 4000 cars a day, or one very 18.6 seconds!

We finished the evening with a trip to Fallersleben, which was the original town before the VW plant in essence created Wolfsburg.  We had a great German Specialties dinner and some hausgemachte brau!

Some photos ......

 Logan and Katie on the grounds of the Autostadt with the famous VW smoke stacks behind them
 The silver clad Bugati!  They only make 40 Bugati's a year at about 2 million Euros each.
 Getting ready to enter the largest car manufacturing facility in the world.  It is larger than the Principality of Monaco!
 Our marketing strategy lecture by Dr. Stefan Hoernemann
 Our ride for the VW factory tour
The group after a long satisfying day!

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