Monday, May 11, 2015

Reichtag Tour

Had a great tour of the Reichtag, Germany's capital building which is home to the German congress called the Bundestag.  The tour explored a building rich with history from the days of Prussian Kaisers, to Hiltlers burning of the building as a way to purge his political enemies, to its role in the cold war, and finally its recent reuse as Germany's unified capital building.  As usual stories tell the better story.....
 Gathering to enter the Reichtag.  The building is called the Reichtag, but the congress is is known as the Bundestag. It was redesigned by a British architect and has a large glass dome on the top.
 The ladies of the group infront of Angela Merkel's office within the Reichtag.
 Learning about the multi-party system and how they have to physically rearrange the room after every election. 
 The interior of the dome - the center column reflects light into the Bundestag meeting room and also acts as a funnel for hot air to escape (the kind politicians create!)
By the time we got dome the sun had set and it was getting dark.  The words at top basically translate to "For the German People"


  1. Nice shot!!

  2. Nice shot!!

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