Monday, May 4, 2015

2015 GBC Arrival Day!

Arrival day!  Dr. Zondag and I are waiting in the lobby for the arrivals to start.  An exciting day.  The early arrivals came yesterday and we had a great day exploring Berlin including the Brandenburger Tor, The Siegessaule (Lady on a Stick) and a fussball match at the 1936 Olympic Stadium.  Great fun.
 Taking a stroll along the Spree River
 The Brandenburger Tor - still quiet early on a Saturday
 The Siegessaule - A victory Monument from 1871 Skirmish with France.
Known as the Lady on a Stick!
 1936 Olympic Stadium for a Hertha BSC Fussball Match.  The stadium is famous for being where Jesse Owens won gold in front of Hitler showing the world that Hitler's Arian race idea was not so superior. 
The Olympic rings at the stadium - also was the Olympic caldron where the flame would have been kept within the stadium.  Pretty cool experience.

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