Sunday, May 10, 2015

Schultheis Brewery Tour

Thursday started with a tour of the Schultheis Brewery.  We saw a marketing video and even had a chance to chat with their marketing director.  We also saw their production facility. They are a Berlin based beer and by US standards they would be a very large Micro-Brewery. 

photos tell the story better.....

They have three primary beers all Pilsner style and priced about the same.  Their marketing attempts to create three separate brews ....  I will tell the story via the stain glassed windows in their restaurant area .....

Schultheis is the oldest brand and is marketed as traditional and working class.  The bottle shape is different and it is a bit less bitter as Pilsner beers go.

Berliner Kindl, or Berlin's Child, is the upscale sophisticated brand.  It is also an older brand, but with a while foil label and champagne style glasses to serve it in it becomes the choice of the upscale and sophisticated audience. 

Berliner Pilser is the young, hip, go to a music festival beer.  They do a lot of event marketing around millennials and sponsor a new music competition. 

The production facility is highly automated and produces 50,000 bottles a day.

 The kid peeking out of the beer stein - not a brand logo that could be created today, but they keep it as it has a long tradition.
 50, 000 bottles a day in a highly automated process
The brewery welcomed us with a company and brand history video

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