Sunday, May 10, 2015

East Berlin Neighborhood Tour

Thursday afternoon we had a fascinating neighborhood tour focusing on three former East Berlin neighborhoods all is different states of gentrification and we had a great conversation with our tour guide.  He brought a wide open view of whether gentrification is a good thing or bad.  It was a great way to challenge the thinking of our business students who are more likely to be the developer versus the anti-development forces.  We looked at questions such as what are the right levels of development and how progress creates problems for those who cannot afford the new rents.  We also learned about how Germany has rent controls and in Berlin how the neighborhood has actual control over development issues thru direct voting. 

And besides this we explored very cool neighborhoods most tourists would never get to.  At the end, Dr. Zondag and I made the group leave without us and use the tram system to get home.  The next morning we heard the proud stories on how everyone figured it out an got home easily!

A few photos .....

 Jared our gude at the bridge that leads to the Kreuzburg Neighboorhood
 Some graffiti that is in a space of an old rail yard now occupied by everything from clubs, a climbing wall center, a anarchistic, vegan commune and a children's center.
The Frankforter Strasse Towers in Friedeschain neighborhood.  This former east Berlin high end neighborhood is now a mainly student neighborhood with a immense number of shops and small restaurants.


  1. Nice view!!

  2. Nice view!!