Saturday, May 3, 2014

Negotiation Day ay Uni Potsdam

We had a wonderful day hosted by Universitaet Potsdam.  It was the second annual Negotiation & Culture Experience and it was a huge success.  We headed to Potsdam on the S1 Train and meet our counterparts at the Uni for a day of interaction.  We were greeted by Dr. Uta Herbst and her team (Melanie, Jonas and Timo) and the day started with a lecture on Culture and Negotiation and then the students were split up into buyers or sellers and the did a "Speed Negotiation" experience where they negotiated three consecutive deals with shorts periods inbetween in order to prepare.  The day finished with a group dinner and a great group dinner at Ulf's Bistro on the campus. 

Grant Heselschwerdt preparing for the first interaction

Sydney Lammers and Rosie Orchanian hard at work

The top buyers for the day including Kristen Kinney, Sydney Lammers and Brian Yarmak

The top sellers for the day including Natalie Cook, Grant Heselschwerdt and Erika Fojtik

The entire group proudly holding our WMU Flag! (Thanks Erika for bringing it!)

The Organizing Team: Jonas, Melanie, Timo, Dr. O'Reilly and Dr. Eckert
(Missing are Dr. Herbst  and the #1 organizer Birte, who was away at a wedding)

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