Thursday, May 1, 2014

Erste Mai and a bike tour of Potsdam

Today is Erste Mai in Germany, which is the first of May, and known as May Day in much of the world. Worker rights and such are celebrated (like the US's Labor Day) and it is a national holiday.  Most of the group took the opportunity to go to Potsdam and learn a little Prussian history, see the beautiful grounds and palaces of the Prussian royalty and learn some WWII history.  OK, and we road bikes and had a great visit to a lakeside Biergarten for lunch.  Tomorrow we, and most of Germany gets back to work.  We head to Uni Potsdam for our 2nd annual negotiation experience with the faculty and students of Universitaet Potsdam.  A couple photos from today.

San Souci (without worry)
One of the Prussian Palaces

The facility that hosted the Potsdam Conference where Churchill, Stalin and Truman figured out what to do with German after WWII.

More San Souci

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