Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Negotiating & Cultural Presentations

Today is a holiday in Germany so we get a break from our intense week.  It has been a very productive and fun week, and we have definitely earned our day off.  Here are some more photos from the week.

 The Thailand Group after their presentation.  Verena, Chris, Lindsey, Katie, Mikael, Angela

Jimmy Marceletti helps us understand business culture in Chile
 The Chile Group: Jillian, Andre, Dorin, Elena, Craig & Jimmy

The Lebanon Group: Alec, Julian, Kasey, Eduard, Verena & Jerrod

 Verena discusses the business culture in Lebanon

The Portugal Group: Sarah, Julia, Ryan, Kerstin, Laura & Paul

 Teams work together to prepare their cases

 Verena Ballat and Brian Samson Negotiate a deal (a creative one too!)

 Ryan and Dorin try to find common ground

Jerrod and Helena (front) struggle to make the numbers work, while Jimmy and Verena work out a deal.

The Sweden Group: Joylyn, Nataliya, Mustafa, Laura, Verena, and Brain

The Philippines Group: Maggie, Maria, Alexa, Charles, Natalia, & Helena

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  1. This looks like a serious group of students!! All business.