Friday, May 11, 2012

The Absolutely Perfect Rhein!!

We are safely in Koeln (Cologne) now and will have a group dinner soon.  But to catch up.....

We left Paderborn on Wednesday morning and by 2pm we were on the K-D boat heading up the Rhein to Bacharach.  The journey is filled with castle viewing and good times.  We arrived in Bacharach and were geeted by Dirk and Ellen Scherschlicht at the Bacheracher Hof Hotel and they ensured we had a fantastic experience in Bacharach.  Visit them at 

Wednesday night we had a great dinner made by our hosts that included my Rhein favorite: Sauerbraten!  Thursday we had a wonderful day of visits and hiking and this morning the group selected their own itinerary and some of the choices included biking the Rhein, hiking, visiting Rheinfels ruins (castle) and just relaxing in the beautiful weather.

Words don't do the whole Rhein experience justice so I will let the photos do it! 

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