Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Great Day in Hamburg

We had a great day in Hamburg.  After a great breakfast at the Hostel we headed onto the subway and went down to the harbor where we went on a harbor tour seeing the architecture of the city from the water and then the famous Hamburg Harbor, the second biggest harbor in Europe.  As it was May Day (equal to Labor Day) there wasn't alot of work being done, but the commentary we got really helped the students understand the size and scope of the operation.  As our trip involves some sales students and some supply chain students I reminded them that when you sell you make this port necessary and when you are a supply chain person you make it run smoothly.

After a nice lunch on the waterfront the group split up and explored the city.  The group that followed me got taken to Hafen City (residential area in the old harbor warehouse district), St. Nikoli Church, which is a preserved bombed out church used as a memorial and testament of the evils of war, the Rathaus Platz (city hall plaza) and a walk along the Alstersee (Lake Alster).

After some time relaxing at the hostel, the group headed to Groenigers, a German specialities restaurant where we enjoyed more sausage and pork products then should ever be consumed in one sitting.  Another stroll through the city has us back at the Hostel where the students are enjoying the disco downstairs and I am typing blog posts (hmmm, who are the smarter ones????)

Here are some other photos that go with the day....

      Some of the group enjoying the stroll through the city

       On the boat at the start of the harbor tour

Getting up close with a container ship and a famous Hamburg shipping company

       Dinner at Groenigers in Hamburg

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