Friday, May 4, 2012

Deutsche Bank and the Reichtag

We had a wonderful day in Berlin.  First, the weather stayed great and second the activities were interesting, educational, and fun.  We will conclude our day later with a group dinner at a fun German restaurant.

 Outside Deutsche Bank's Branch of the Future with one of the Berlin Bears.  The bear is the symbol of Berlin and like many cities worldwide the city had these bears decorated by various businesses scattered through the city.  We will see another tomorrow.
 Our tour guide talks to us about how the unique things they do in the branch, things that include a cafe, a retail store and exhibit (coordinated in topic/theme) that vary every 3 months, oh and they have tellers too.  This unique approach has helped them get 12,000 new member since opening in 2005 and has 50% of their foot traffic in the store being non-customers.
We had an excellent visit and we are ready to become Deutsche Bank clients!

 We are SO excited about visiting the Reichtag Building, which is the equal of the US Capital Building. 

 Our tour guide explains the functioning of the Bundestag - which is the equal of the House of Representatives.
 Looking at the grafiit that Russian soldiers left just about exactly 67 years ago when they swept into Berlin at the end of WWII and captured the Reichtag.

I think I have found the cover for next year's trip program!!!!

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  1. Keep those photo's coming. Reichstag looks like a great place to learn some history!