Monday, May 7, 2012

Great Start to our Case Competition

We have started our case competition at Uni Paderborn.  The teams are off working on their case.  The morning involved some official welcoming, followed by a brilliant lecture from Dr. Andreas Eggert where he presented his thoughts and his research findings related to customer value, and finished with Dr. Eckert doing a "Presenting 101" session.  Hopefully the case presentations will involve great ideas gleaned from Dr. Eggert and great presentation techniques gleaned from Dr. Eckert.  The fun restarts at 4pm when the groups come back and present their case solutions.

 Ryan Colbry, representing WMU well, listens as Dr. Andreas Eggert from Uni Paderborn discusses the concept of customer value.

Dr. Eggert presents to a class of Uni Paderborn and WMU students to kick off our day long case competition.

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  1. That classroom looks familiar! Looking forward to seeing the team pictures!