Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Harbor Tour - Hamburg, and now Berlin!

Today we had our final day in Hamburg, and what a great day it was!  It is Erste Mai in Germany which is May 1st, which is May Day, which basically translates to Labor Day in the US.  It is a big holiday and we enjoyed holiday-perfect weather in Hamburg.  We took the subway and ended up at Landesbrucken where we jumped on a "Hafen Rundfahrt" and got a tour of the Hamburg Harbor (largest port in Germany, second largest in the EU, and 3rd largest in world).  The group then found lunch on their own and spent a few final hours soaking up sun and all Hamburg has to offer.  At 16:00 Uhr we left the Hostel and by 17:06 we were on an ICE train traveling 220kph to Berlin.  We made our hotel in Berlin by 20:00 and now people are settling down early as we leave for Wolfsburg and VW World Headquarters at 7:30am tomorrow.   Should be another great day!

Here are some photos from today....

The group ready to board the Olympic Star for a round trip harbor tour, know in German as a Hafen Rundfahrt.

Next two are some of the students settled onto the boat as we head out to see the Harbor and the other sights of Hamburg via the Harbor (Elbe River).

From right to left: Rachel, Kelly, Sydney, Dr. O'reilly, Dr. Eckert & Emily.  The Docs and our families having another amazing day in the Planten un Blomen Park in Hamburg!

What a Short Term Study Abroad Faculty Director feels like 3 days into a 3 week trip.  Thank goodness Germany has great ice cream & chocolate to keep me going!

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