Sunday, May 12, 2013

German Business & Culture is in the books!

We are back in Paderborn and ready to start the Global Negotiation Course portion of our trip.  We have settled into our apartments at the Campus Lounge boardinghouse.  I didn't pull out my camera much but the students had a great time in Koln.  Friday night we ate at Fruh am Dom and enjoyed a taste of Kolsch!  Then Saturday was the scavenger hunt which saw the teams explore Koln and Bonn and put together fun presentations.  The winning team was able to pull off the win by getting bonus points for including 45 germans in their group photos.  Although the creative highlight was the Harlem Shake executed by group #1.  Ah, the culture we bring to Germany!

Today we came back to Paderborn and attended a SC Paderborn 07 soccer match.  They won 2-0 on two well placed crossing passes that were finished by on-rushing strikers.  We had a grand time.  See the photos below.

We had a great time and now it is time to get to work.  Let the negotiating begin!

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