Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back in Paderborn

Wow did we have a great trip. We learned a lot about German Business and Culture. The students were great - always ready to tackle the next challenge. Yesterday they did a scanvenger hunt in Koln and Bonn and then did presentations about the experience. I will post things soon but I can tell you now: they had a blast and proved to me and more importantly themselves that they can be independent and successful in Germany.

That theme gets more emphasis this week as I morph into Professor and they into student. We have returned to Paderborn and the students are already bust with their German counter parts working on their "Cultural Cheat" assignment. I got a smile out of the conversations I overheard that included moments of hard work, and moments of social recommendations!

I will add more photos and comments after I get some work done ..... I do have this class to teach tomorrow and I should probably verify all is set to go. The students can't be the only ones working on this Sunday evening.

But before I sign off, we want to say good by (aufweidersehen) to the three classmates who headed back today. We will miss you. We wish you soft beds, air conditioning and ice!

Tony ...... Jon....... and Sunjay........

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