Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dinner at Groenigers in Hamburg

We went to a traditional German restaurant in Hamburg tonight where an ungodly amount of pork, potato and cabbage products were consumed! A little of the haus brew was also sampled. We had a nice time and many thanks to Bernd Korte for setting this up. Bernd was a 2007 sales student of Dr. Eckert's at Uni Paderborn who now lives and works in Hamburg. Bernd is the bearded guy behind Dr. Eckert and his daughter Emily.

Notice the giant wooden tray of food - we made a pretty good dent in it by night's end!

Here is the rest of the group at their respective tables. The beer for those who consumed was delivered in the old wooden keg and tapped right at the table. It is a "hausgemachtbier" which means it was made at the restaurant. The wooden rack in the middle is for the tray of food when it arrives.

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