Friday, May 6, 2011

Deutsche Bank & Berlin

We started today with a great trip to Deutsche Bank and their branch of the future. This functioning bank branch is a labratory for them to try out innovative branch concepts. It was very different then any branch we have ever seen. The day finished with a short presentation about Deutsche Bank's commercial lending division, especially the segment that deals with businesses around Berlin. Dr. Eckert's friend Thorsten Koch was our host and set up a wonderful day for us that not only included a great program but also great meals - breakfast and lunch!

After the time with Deutsche Bank the group went their separate ways and many went to the Berlin Zoo while others did some other sightseeing. We reconvened at the Zillemarkt restaurant in Savignyplatz, which is the heart of the West End neighborhood in Berlin. The group was adventourous with their menu item choices and had a great time. Post dinner many headed out to experience some Berlin nightlife. Tomorrow we do a bike tour of Berlin during which we will stop at many of the major points of interest including check point Charlie, the Brandenburger Tor and the Reichtag. It should be a great day and the weather is supposed to be sunny and mid 70's!

Some of the photos below from the day....

Happy Michigan Kids on public transportation.... some say it couldn't be done!

The Berlin location group giving their presentation outside of Deutsche Bank. They produced a great brochure on Berlin and told us some of the city's history.

Some of the group after visiting the Berlin Zoo

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