Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Beautiful walk and a brilliant lecture in Hamburg!

We started our day with a great breakfast at the hotel and then we did our first team presentation down at Alstersee (Lake Alster) - our Hamburg group did a great job of introducing us to the city.

We then had a great walk along the lake to our destination: the Center of Media & Marketing at Uni Hamburg and a lecture by Prof. Micheal Clement. Dr. Clement introduced us to Uni Hamburg and the work his institute does and then shared with us his research of predators vs. incumbants in technology/media markets. He was an entertaining and highly engaging speaker and his research is timely and very well done, so it was a great experience.

After the lecture we walked back to a main intersection in town and the big group broke into smaller ones to start and explore the city.... that is what they are doing now. We get back together at 6:15 for a trip to Groenigers and a very traditional German dinner.

Some photos from the day so far....

"Team Hamburg" giving their location presentation this morning

The whole group as we walked to our Uni Hamburg appointment ....

Dr. Clement giving his presentation today at Uni Hamburg.

The group with Dr. Clement after the lecture.

Dr. Clement receiving the best t-shirt he has ever seen! (A gift for his assistant who arranged the whole event). Dr. Clement is holding his WMU coaster - his thank you gift for helping us with this event.

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