Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Few More Photos

The students are busy preparing for their "Cultural Cheat Sheet" presentations tomorrow. It is really great to watch the German and US (and Chinese) students interact and work on these projects. So while they work, and as a way to procrastinate on my grading a bit longer, I present you with a few more photos from the trip..........


This St. Goar - our home base while we were on the Rhein. Our Youth Hostel would be right where the bottom right corner of this photo is - so this is basically the view from it -this was actually taken in 2007 from the Castle Ruins directly above where the Youth Hostel is, so imagine the view we had by lowering the angle and adding in more clouds and drizzle!

This is Frankfurt's version of a Rathaus - it is a very famous building in the altstadt of Frankfurt. This building, like most major city buildings in Germany was mostly destroyed in WWII, so what you see is the restored building. Quite impressive regardless of whether it was original or a restored version.

This is the KD Boat we took down the Rhein, and in the foreground is our luggage! Dr. McCardle and I brought the luggage to the boat dock via a Taxi while the students did a scavenger hunt in Koblenz. We boarded to find a very authentic German restaurant on board: Subway! Too funny. These type of boats are a great way to see the area and in our case our German train pass got us on board for free.

We became the kings and queens of the German rail system. this is a very nice ICE train. The students learned to read the schedule and learned the word for platform (Gleis) and quickly became train competent. Many games of Euchre were played when our reservations or good fortune allowed us to have a 4 seat table. It was a great way to experience Germany and get a much better feel for the countryside and topography of Germany.

This is the group in Paderborn the evening of our first arrival in Paderborn. I have been to Paderborn 9 times: it is my German Hometown (Deutsches Heimat). I am giving the students a quick orientation and soon after Dr. McCardle snapped this artist shot the students dispersed into the city center during the "Fruhlings Fest" (Spring Festival) in search of food and fun.

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