Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back in the City .... with Internet

We have covered alot of ground! We had a great visit to Paderborn and then headed of to Cologne for a visit to the world famous cathedral. From there we went to Koblenz where 3 teams headed out into the city to practice being independdent via a scavenger hunt style trip. Then we boarded the KD boat and crused past castles and ended up at St. Goar. There we had a hilarious night of card playing with some of the other Youth Hostel folks. Yesterday we visited the Georg Breuer vineyard in Rudeshein, did a little hiking and has one last boat ride down the romantic Rhein. Today we are in Frankfort and just finished our closing dinner. The group has been great - always excited to try the next German thing whether it be food, experiences or transportation mode (we have walked, biked, trained, taxied, and boated across Germany!). Below are some photos from the last few days. I will try to post more in the next few days. (Photos are in no particular order)

The group on our way to "Apfelwein Wagner" in Frankfurt for our final group dinner. Frankfort is the only German City with US-Style skyscrapers. It also has a wonderful river area and many beautiful avenues.

Taking a Hike along the Rhein River. Way down below us is "Maueser Turm" or mice tower, one of the "toll booths" along the Rhein.

The group at the "Niederwald Denkmal" a monument that celebrates the unification of Germany in 1871. It is often called the German Statue of Liberty.

One of our Case Competition Teams at Uni Paderborn. Each team analyzed the case and made their recommendations to our judging team of Dr's. Eggert, Eckert, and McCardle.

Dr. Andreas Eggert giving his "Customer Value" lecture at Uni Paderborn. His lecture kicked off our case competition with a group of Uni Paderborn students.

The Group with the "Koelner Dom" in the background (Cologne Cathedral) we toured the inside and then climbed the 533 steps to the top!

one of our scavenger hunt teams showing off their items (Bread, Fruit & Chocolate)

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