Monday, May 9, 2016

Universitaet Potsdam

We did our annual cultural negotiation day at Uni Potsdam.  With 22 US students, 22 German Students and 13 Russian students the day was a great success.  A job offer case was used and after a culture lecture and a negotiation basics lectures the students met to hammer out the best deal.  We had a great awards ceremony for the top performers and then a wonderful meal together at Ulf's restaurant on campus.

 Dr. Uta Herbst (2nd from left) and her team recieved one of our signed W flags 
as a way to say thank you!
 Kelly Darling was one of the negotiation winners!
 The class was full and full of culture!  We learned a great deal from Irina Slot on how to navigate a complicated cultural world!
Lloyd Herndon trying to score as best he could while bargaining with his German counterpart!

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