Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 Days!

Hard to believe after almost a year of planning we are at the t-3 day point. The flights have been booked, hotels secured, dinner reservations made. We have partners at Frie Universitaet Berlin and Uni Paderborn lined up and ready to go. VW world headquarters will be welcoming us and the Georg Breuer Vineyard is setting the table for our arrival. All very cool stuff. But what is going to make this trip special are those small moments when assumptions are challenged, new ideas of what is normal are discovered, and horizons are broadened. These moments will happen at any time and it will be those that will make the 15 students (and the two faculty) better business people and better global citizens. Get your final packing done (LIGHT!) and drink your final glasses of non-carbonated tap water; we are headed for Deutschland in 3 days for an amazing experience! I can't wait!

Dr. E.

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